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Type "B" Round Gas Venting
Superior Gas Venting for Every Application
AirJet Type "B" Round Gas Venting is an air-insulated double-walled exhaust system for non-condensing gas-fired heating and cooking appliances.
Precise Construction
Each section features a heavy-duty galvanized steel outer pipe, an insulating air space, and a self-oxidizing aluminum liner. Standard inside diameters are available from 3" to 36" (up to 60" by special order). Standard lengths and adjustable fittings eliminate any cutting, fitting or additional engineering in the fields. Heavy gauge annealed stainless steel outer jackets are also available. UL Listed and Tested.
Unitized Multi-Wall DesignAirJet B Vent Installation Example
Dual-wall design uses a layer of air to insulate the cooler outer wall from the high temperature inner wall, improving draft and eliminating hot spots.
Corrosion Resistant
Galvanized steel outer wall resists atmospheric corrosion while the self-oxidizing aluminum inner liner resists condensation and heat.
Lightweight Design
Lightweight design (one foot weighs only about 4.2 pounds) features patented "Snap-Lock" connection system and rolled male ends for easy handling and installation and a tighter, strong fit.
Other Features
Engineered to prevent condensation within the vent or at any appliance draft hood. Safety-tested to Underwriters Laboratories UL-441 to 470F maximum temperature. Optional stainless steel liner is also available.
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Pipe and Fittings
Installation Instructions 3" to 12"
Installation Instructions 14" to 24"
Termination Instructions
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